Beautiful Tourist Places in North Sumatra You Must Visit

Beautiful tourist place in northern Sumatra that you must visit while on vacation to city of Medan there are so many, so do not miss. North Sumatra as one of the provinces in Indonesia which is the fourth largest after Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya has a lot of cultural and tourist attractions that are very good for your visit, ranging from well-known in the world such as Lake Toba, Berastagi, Bukit Lawang, and there are still many places beautiful and interesting that you should know that while on vacation to Sumatra, with other travel knowing it will be a new experience in vacation the most enjoyable and memorable for you and your family or people you care about.

Through this article, that as one of the travel providers want to provide information to you about tourist places are good and you must visit while on vacation in Sumatra. There are 25 places you should know, are as follows:

25 Tourist Places in North Sumatra 

If during this time you just know some interesting places in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, this time there is information about places you've never known. The following 25 sites:

1. Maimoon Palace

Beautiful Tourist Places in North Sumatra You Must Visit

If you are looking to know about the Medan city icon, then the answer is Maimun Palace in North Sumatra that is a relic of the Royal Deli. Starting from 1946., this tourist spot is occupied by the heirs of the sultanate of Deli. Maimun Palace has an area of ​​2,700 meters with 30 pieces room interior design reflects the mixing of Malay culture, Islamic, Italy and Spain. Activities you can do while in this place besides photographs of historic buildings there, you can also see various types of old Dutch furniture collections, family photos sultan, as well as a variety of weapons collection. Tourist attractions are located in Jalan Brigadier General Katamso, District Maimun Medan, Medan. Maimun Palace is one of the sites most visited by tourists from both local and foreign, and even become mandatory if the tour is in the city of Medan. To enter these places, you will be charged with the admission price of IDR 5000 per person.

2. Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Beautiful Touris Places in North Sumatra You Must Visit Sipiso piso

Sipiso-piso is one of the natural attractions in Sumatra, which was in Tongging village, Karo District, North Sumatra Province. These attractions are managed directly by the Government of Karo. The origin of the so-called waterfall Sipiso because of the swift flow-piso waterfall that is like a sharp knife, therefore called piso which means the blade. This waterfall is one of the highest in Indonesia.

3. Great Mosque of Medan

Great Mosque of Medan Tourist Places in Sumatra
Great Mosque of Medan is one of the sacred religious buildings, which is also a tourist attraction that is most visited by tourists, is located in Medan, North Sumatra. The mosque is also one of the relics of the Sultanate of Deli like Maimun Palace. Great Mosque was built in 1906 with architectural styles mixed results between the Middle East, Spain, and India. Mesjid Raya was in Sisingamangaraja Street, and right on the edge of the road making it easy for tourists to find. If you intend to go alone to Masjid Raya, can check on google maps beforehand or can also ask for your convenience. for those of you who use the terrain tourist travel service then it is definitely going to be brought to this place.

4. Lake Toba

Lake Toba Tourist Places in North Sumatra
Who is not familiar with the lake of this one, so here it is Lake Toba. The most famous lake in Indonesia and even abroad to know about this lake because of the size and breadth of a large plus for an island in the middle known as SamosirIsland. With a length of 100 km and a width of approximately 30 KM, the lake is also the largest volcanic lake in Southeast Asia. For lodging, you do not need to worry about, especially the use of travel agent, would have provided a comfortable hotel for you. For those who travel alone without a travel service is also very easy to get a place there because so many hotels ranging from the mundane to the luxurious. Just a suggestion, if visiting there, do not forget to hire a boat to see the Hanging Rock Lake Toba which is one place that is also much visited by tourists.

5. Asam Kumbang Crocodile Farm

Asam Kumbang Crocodile Farm

For those of you who like the crocodile, it is precisely when you visit Medan, to took time to see crocodiles in Asam Kumbang Crocodile Farm. This place is also one of the largest reptile park in Indonesia with more than 2,400 reptiles. Built in 1959, Asam Kumbang Crocodile Farm have a variety of types of crocodiles ranging from a young age until decades. You do not need to fear, though many crocodiles here, for security has been maintained since artificial lakes and ponds that exist crocodile made as safe as possible. To get into this place, you will be charged the admission price of IDR 5000 per person.

6. Lake Linting

Linting Lake Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Have you ever heard of Lake Linting? Basically the lake is not very popular as Lake Toba, but you can be scheduled to this place which is also one of the interesting and beautiful places in North Sumatra. Linting lake also is a volcanic lake that measures approximately 1 hectare and that makes this lake is unique because it contains sulfur, causing water to change color like greenish. When you look at this lake directly will definitely make you impatient to swim, but keep in mind that this lake has a depth of over 100 meters, so take care of yourself. Linting lake located in Deli Serdang district is approximately 70 kilometers which takes approximately two hours drive from Medan. The admission price Linting Lake approximately IDR 5,000.

7. Tinggi Raja White Crater in Simalungun Province

Tinggi Raja White Crater Tourist Places in North Sumatra

If you already know the white crater Ciwidey in Bandung, then Sumatra also has a white crater that is no less beautiful and wonderful white crater called high king (Tinggi Raja White Crater). This place was untouched by foreign media, Tinggi Raja White Crater be your choice for a visit because it is so beautiful this place, so that the tourists who have visited here call this place as a beautiful tourist spot hidden. The place is located in the village Dolok Tinggi Raja, North Sumatra, an area of ​​limestone hills. This place is similar to a lake with the heat pick the snow white ground color as snow and also there is a hot water lake greenish, therefore, called this place Snow Heat Dolok Tinggi Raja. To go to this location, the road is still not good and the locals are also many who ask for money. You will regret it if you do not visit this place because Tinggi Raja White Crater is a tourist place was amazing.

8. Aek Sijornih Waterfall

Aek Sijornih Waterfall Tourist Places in North Sumatra

This is one of the waterfalls in Sumatra, if you usually know still about Sipiso-piso waterfall then this is name aek sijornih waterfall. AEK is a language Tapanuli region south which means water, while sijornih means clear, so aek sijornih is clear water that has a waterfall. This tourist spot is still not too popular as other tourist attractions, this is a tour that is still beautiful because not many people outside of both the local government and local government intervention. Located in the village of Aek Libung, Aek Sijornih has two small waterfalls over the cliff sloping and there is a lime content.

9. Hillpark Sibolangit

Hillpark Sibolangit Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Hillpark Sibolangit is a recreation park which has many types of games that are in the village of Suka Makmur Sibolangit, Deli Serdang. As Dufan Jakarta, Hillpark Sibolangit has an area of approximately 20 hectares, is located at the site of the mountains with an altitude of about 550 meters above sea level so the air that is in place is quite cool.

10. Tangkahan

Tangkahan Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Tangkahan is one of the tourist attractions are also visited by many tourists. The place is still entered into the area of Gunung Leuser National Park, North Sumatra. Hilly soil structure, has a lush tropical forest and a cool atmosphere, makes a fitting place for a nature lover. As for the types of activities you can do in swimming, trekking, elephant ride around the place, the entrance to the cave bats, playing in a waterfall, and so forth.

11. Gunung Leuser National Park

Gunung Leuser National Park Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Must be familiar with the tourist attractions Gunung Leuser National Park, located between the provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra. Nature conservation area tourist attractions of flora and fauna. It makes the tourist attractions Gunung Leuser National Park is visited by many tourists, especially foreign tourists.

12. Lau Kawar Lake

Lau Kawar Lake Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Tourist attractions Lau Kawar lake at the foot of Mount Sinabung, North Sumatra. Has a blue color of water, the lake has a size of an area of approximately 200 hectares less than the area of Lake Toba. The atmosphere is beautiful with lots of green trees at the foot of the mountain, makes it no less beautiful lake of Lake Toba. The tourists who visit the lake is usually often set up tents for the night or take a break before continuing to climb to Mount Sinabung. You'll also notice there are some locals who usually perform the activity of fishing in this lake using small boats.

13. Sibolangit Nature Reserve

Sibolangit Nature Reserve Tourist Places in North Sumatra

After his name had been mentioned in a previous tour, this is it Sibolangit. Tourist attractions Sibolangit Nature Reserve is a place that has an area of about 24 hectares located in Deli Serdang location. A beautiful view with a cool atmosphere and structure of the ground and at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level into a fun place to tour, and there is also a nature conservation learning center in studying the diversity of flora and fauna. Sibolangit also is the most frequent and favorite for camping and hiking activities in Scouting.

14. Mount Sibayak

Do you enjoy hiking? Traveled to Mount Sibayak could be your choice, because the sights of this one was localized for those of you who like adventure. The climbers like this place because of the beauty, challenges and amazing views of the sunrise can be seen on top of Mount Sibayak, therefore, usually they will start climbing at 2 am in order to see the sunrise. In addition, if you would like to see the city of Medan, also can be obtained directly when reached the summit of this mountain. Do not let you miss, especially for those of you who like adventurous. For travel provider in Sumatra, there were bringing consumers here, there is also just across the course location Sibolangit.

15. Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery

Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery is a museum that is known to have a wide variety of animals that have been preserved collection. Located in the city of Medan, the museum is also the most complete museum in Asia in terms of the number of animals preserved. For those of you who want to these attractions, can be found on S.Parman Street, which began to open in the morning until 5 pm, the ticket costs IDR 25.000, while for the evening cost less be IDR 10.000. For those of you who want to take pictures can not be arbitrary because there are rules if you want to take pictures then will be charged IDR 20.000.

16. Madras Village (Kampung Madras) in Medan

Madras Village Medan Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Kampung Madras in Medan or the more popular residents of Medan call to Kampung Keling is a tourist spot in the city terrain that most people who live in this place is the native Indians so that both the building and the existing culture in the villages madras is dominated customs Hindu. In addition, there are many historic buildings dutch heritage results that you can see while visiting the place. For those of you who want to taste the food in the style of the Indians, can directly culinary as well in this village and also a lot of available accessories a la India even to dress typical of India also there, to get it you can go to a tailor in these places and ask sew Indian clothes with best quality, for the price issue, please direct to the tailor to negotiate the price in order to get an affordable price. For a tourist spot this one, sometimes not travel provider directly to schedule a visit here, so if you want, can also travel alone, stay check on google about Madras Kampung Medan and look at google maps directions from where you are to this place. Most people already know where this field, so you can ask.

17. Two Colors Sibolangit Waterfall

Two Colors Sibolangit Waterfall Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Two colors sibolangit waterfall name as such is not without reason, because the waterfall which has a height of about 100 meters does have 2 colors are grayish white and light blue. The existing color is caused by the presence of phosphorus and sulfur. Two colors sibolangit waterfall location is in the forest, so to get there, you first have to pass through the Forest first, after that, can only find this unique attractions. For those who are hesitant to venture alone into the forest, there is provided a guide that you can hire to help you avoid getting lost and to their destination safely. For these places, we suggest that you should not miss when visiting Sibolangit because very rarely there is a waterfall that has more than one color, and try to document yourself with a picture of the background of a waterfall.

18. Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Sumatra has a veterinarian who is known throughout the world, so these animals are the Sumatran orangutan that can be encountered in the area of Bukit Lawang. These attractions within 80 KM from the city of Medan, and still included as well in the Gunung Leuser National Park. Air in Bukit Lawang is cool because it is located in the surrounding mountains and many green trees that provide freshness during breathing. In addition to the notice of the Sumatran orangutan, the visitor can do trekking, tubing, and more. For those who want to stay are also not to be confused, because a lot of the inn that is on offer at this tourist spot.

19. Tjong A Fie Mansion

Tjong A Fie Mansion Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Tjong A Fie Mansion is one of the attractions in the city of Medan were also much visited by tourists both domestic and foreign. The specialty of these attractions is the house that was once occupied by Tjong A Fie who is the richest man in the city of Medan. In 1926, Tjong A Fie bleeding in the brain which eventually took his life. As his legacy is the home and museum, to his fortune he intestate to be distributed to people in need.

20. Tirtanadi Water Tower

Tirtanadi Water Tower Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Jakarta has the National Monument or Monas is known as an icon of the city, the city of Medan has Tirtanadi Water Tower that became an icon of the city of Medan. The tower was built by the Dutch government in 1908 were used as water reservoirs. Until now the tower is still functioning well and is very beneficial for the city of Medan.

21. Samosir Island

Samosir Island Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Lake Toba in addition famous for its great extent, there are also unique from the lake since the middle of the lake there is a small island called Samosir Island at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. The tourists who want to come to these sights can hire a ferry or if you feel seasick could pass overland. On this island, tourists can see the beautiful natural scenery, traveled history ranging from cultural tourism to culinary tours hobo, and the most fun to visit a hot water bath to relieve fatigue during the trip.

22. Gundaling Hill, Berastagi

Gundaling Hill Brastagi Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Gundaling is the name of a hill in Berastagi, precisely in Karo, North Sumatra. Being one of the attractions are much visited by tourists during a visit to Berastagi. This hill is located in the range of 1,575 meters above sea level. The specialty of these sights are able to see two straight mountain is Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung. As long as you are in Gundaling, there is horse riding, you stay just rent a horse you want to ride the guide will take you around the premises. Before leaving Gundaling or Berastagi, try to stop by the fruit market, the most famous fruit is orange Berastagi.

23. Siombak Lake

Siombak Lake Tourist Places in North Sumatra

have you ever heard of Siombak Lake? Still much less know that the city of Medan also has a lake that is located directly in the city of Medan. Another case such as Lake Toba is actually located outside the city of Medan. Siombak lake is a lake which has an area of about 40 hectares located in the village of Paya Pasir, Medan, North Sumatra. For the citizens of the city of Medan, this lake is a favorite place to enjoy the weekend with family, friends and people nearby. Here besides relax, you can also provoke a hobby. There is also a children's playground so it should not hesitate to bring your family here. Only, this place is still rarely visited by foreign tourists, yes it could be because there was no schedule of the travel providers to visit this place.

24. Sigura-gura Waterfall

Sigura gura Waterfall Tourist Places in North Sumatra

Sigura-Gura waterfall is the highest waterfall in Indonesia which reaches a height of approximately 250 meters. The location of this waterfall near Lake Toba, which is precisely located in Toba Samosir. This tourist location of the city of Medan is 250 KM, everyone who goes to Lake Toba certainly always taking the time to see this waterfall.

25. Lagundri Beach and Sorake Beach

Lagundri Sorake Beach Tourist Places in North Sumatra

North Sumatra have a place to surf the already well-known in the world because the waves are big and much favored by surfers from various countries in the world, the place called Lagundri and Sorake Beach. Both beaches are located in the same area in Teluk Dalam, South Nias, North Sumatra. For those of you who like to surf, very unfortunate if it is not the time to try to surf this beach. While for those who can not surf, there are coaches who are ready to help you to be able to surf.

Visited Tourism Places in North Sumatra 

For those of you who are interested vacation in North Sumatra to visit the beautiful tourist spots in northern Sumatra with the explanation that we have given, hopefully can help add to your information. If you do not want to bother traveled alone, can use the services of a tour guide, such as the one we are of Anda Sumatra Tour and Travel ready to serve you vacation with packages in the best quality that we have.

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